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びじん/bijin/common bijin/びじん/common美人

/BI/    /MI/    うつく.しい/utsuku.shii/BI//    MI//    utsuku.shii/うつく.しい/

beauty;  beautiful

ジン/JIN/    ニン/NIN/    ひと/hito/    -り/-ri/    -と/-to/JIN/ジン/    NIN/ニン/    hito/ひと/    -ri/-り/    -to/-と/


つつもたせ/tsutsumotase/meaning reading tsutsumotase/つつもたせ/meaning reading美人局
  • noun:
    1. scheme in which a man and woman trick another man into a compromising situation for blackmail;  badger game
びじんが/bijinga/ bijinga/びじんが/美人画
  • noun:
    1. Ukiyo-e portraying beautiful women



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