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そくしゅう/sokushuu/ sokushuu/そくしゅう/束脩 · 束修irregular
  • noun:
    1. entrance fee;  initiation fee;  registration fee;  present to a teacher
    2. gift of dried meat from a new vassal or pupil  —Archaism.
しゅうちく/shuuchiku/ shuuchiku/しゅうちく/脩竹
  • noun:
    1. tall bamboo

シュウ/SHŪ/    おさ.める/osa.meru/    なが.い/naga.i/    ほじし/hojishi/SHUU/シュウ/    osa.meru/おさ.める/    naga.i/なが.い/    hojishi/ほじし/

dried meat


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