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ひざ/hiza/common hiza/ひざ/common

シツ/SHITSU/    ひざ/hiza/SHITSU/シツ/    hiza/ひざ/

knee;  lap

しつがいこつ/shitsugaikotsu/ shitsugaikotsu/しつがいこつ/膝蓋骨
  • noun:
    1. kneecap;  patella
しつがいけんはんしゃ/shitsugaikenhansha/ shitsugaikenhansha/しつがいけんはんしゃ/膝蓋腱反射
  • noun:
    1. kneecap (patellar) reflex
しつかんせつ/shitsukansetsu/ shitsukansetsu/しつかんせつ/膝関節
  • noun:
    1. knee joint
ひざがしら/hizagashira/ hizagashira/ひざがしら/膝頭
かたひざ/katahiza/ katahiza/かたひざ/片膝
もろひざ/morohiza/ morohiza/もろひざ/諸膝
  • noun:
    1. both knees
ひざこぞう/hizakozou/ hizakozou/ひざこぞう/膝小僧
  • noun:
    1. kneecap
ひざもと/hizamoto/ hizamoto/ひざもと/膝元 · 膝下 · 膝許 · ひざ元
しっか/shikka/ shikka/しっか/膝下
  • noun:
    1. near one's knee;  below one's knee 例文
    2. under the protection of (e.g. one's parents);  under the care of
    3. ひざもとterritory of a powerful person   お膝元
    4. しっかaddress used after the names of one's parents, grandparents, etc. in a letter
しっこう/shikkou/ shikkou/しっこう/膝行
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. moving forward by sliding on one's knees (in the presence of high-ranking individuals)
ひざびょうし/hizabyoushi/ hizabyoushi/ひざびょうし/膝拍子
  • noun:
    1. keeping time by tapping one's knees
ひざまくら/hizamakura/ hizamakura/ひざまくら/膝枕
  • noun:
    1. sleeping with one's head in another's lap
ひざかけ/hizakake/ hizakake/ひざかけ/ひざ掛け · 膝掛け · 膝かけ · ひざ掛 · 膝掛
  • noun:
    1. lap blanket
ひざづめ/hizadume/ hizadume/ひざづめ/膝詰め
  • noun:
    1. knee to knee
ひざづめだんぱん/hizadumedanpan/ hizadumedanpan/ひざづめだんぱん/膝詰め談判
  • noun:
    1. direct negotiations;  pressing a demand with a face-to-face talk
こひざ/kohiza/ kohiza/こひざ/小膝
  • noun:
    1. knee
たてひざ/tatehiza/ tatehiza/たてひざ/立て膝 · 立膝
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. sitting with one knee drawn up
ひざのさら/hizanosara/ hizanosara/ひざのさら/膝の皿
  • noun:
    1. kneecap
ひざをくずす/hizawokuzusu/ hizawokuzusu/ひざをくずす/膝を崩す
  • expression / godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to sit at ease
ひざをまじえて/hizawomajiete/ hizawomajiete/ひざをまじえて/膝を交えて
  • expression:
    1. intimately;  sitting knee to knee
いざり/izari/ izari/いざり/ · 膝行
  • noun:
    1. crawling on the ground;  shuffling one one's knees
    2. cripple  —Sensitive.
いざる/izaru/ izaru/いざる/躄る · 膝行る
  • godan る verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to crawl;  to shuffle along
りょうひざ/ryouhiza/ ryouhiza/りょうひざ/両膝
  • noun:
    1. both knees
ひざらがい/hizaragai/ hizaragai/ひざらがい/膝皿貝 · 火皿貝 · 石鼈
じいがせ/jiigase/ jiigase/じいがせ/石鼈 · 爺が背
ヒザラガイ/HIZARAGAI/ HIZARAGAI/ヒザラガイ/ヒザラガイ
  • noun:
    1. chiton (any marine mollusk of the class Polyplacophora);  sea cradle;  —Usually written using kana alone.
    2. Japanese chiton (Acanthopleura japonica)
つきひざ/tsukihiza/ tsukihiza/つきひざ/突き膝
  • noun:
    1. knee touch down  —Sumo term.
    2. posture with knees and toes on the floor

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