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いしょく/ishoku/common ishoku/いしょく/common衣食

/I/    /E/    ころも/koromo/    きぬ/kinu/    -ぎ/-gi/I//    E//    koromo/ころも/    kinu/きぬ/    -gi/-ぎ/

garment;  clothes;  dressing

ショク/SHOKU/    ジキ/JIKI/    く.う/ku.u/    く.らう/ku.rau/    た.べる/ta.beru/    は.む/ショク/    JIKI/ジキ/    ku.u/く.う/    ku.rau/く.らう/    ta.beru/た.べる/は.む/

eat;  food

いしょくじゅう/ishokujuu/common ishokujuu/いしょくじゅう/common衣食住
いしょくたりてれいせつをしる/ishokutaritereisetsuwoshiru/ ishokutaritereisetsuwoshiru/いしょくたりてれいせつをしる/衣食足りて礼節を知る
  • expression:
    1. the poor can't afford manners;  only when basic needs for living are met can people spare the effort to be polite



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