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そうしょくだんし/soushokudanshi/ soushokudanshi/そうしょくだんし/草食男子 · 装飾男子irregular · 裝飾男子irregular
  • noun:
    1. young men who are not competitive as in tradition male stereotypes, including in the avid pursuit of money and sex, and who may also be kind, co-operative and family-oriented  —Abbreviation.   草食系男子
    2. men who pretend they aren't interested in women;  spineless males;  men with no balls;  —Abbreviation.  Slang.

ソウ//    ショウ/SHŌ/    よそお.う/yosō.u/    よそお.い/yosō.i/SOU/ソウ/    SHOU/ショウ/    yosoo.u/よそお.う/    yosoo.i/よそお.い/

dress;  pretend;  disguise;  profess


Additional translation:

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