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みる/miru/common miru/みる/common見る · 観る · 視る

ケン/KEN/    み.る/    み.える/mi.eru/    み.せる/mi.seru/KEN/ケン/み.る/    mi.eru/み.える/    mi.seru/み.せる/

see;  hopes;  chances;  idea;  opinion;  look at;  visible

みるみる/mirumiru/common mirumiru/みるみる/common見る見る
みるめ/mirume/ mirume/みるめ/見る目
みるたびに/mirutabini/ mirutabini/みるたびに/見る度に
  • adverb:
    1. whenever (each time) one sees (it)
みるのもけがらわしい/mirunomokegarawashii/ mirunomokegarawashii/みるのもけがらわしい/見るのも汚らわしい
  • expression / adjective → conjugation:
    1. detestable to look at
みるべきせいか/mirubekiseika/ mirubekiseika/みるべきせいか/見る可き成果
  • noun:
    1. noticeable (remarkable) result
みるまに/mirumani/ mirumani/みるまに/見る間に
  • expression:
    1. quickly, suddenly (while one is watching);  before one's eyes
みるかげもない/mirukagemonai/ mirukagemonai/みるかげもない/見る影もない · 見る影も無い
  • expression:
    1. mere shadow of one's former self;  having no trace left (of former glories, talent, looks, etc.);  —Idiom.
みるにたえない/mirunitaenai/ mirunitaenai/みるにたえない/見るに堪えない
  • expression:
    1. so miserable that it is painful to look at;  can't bear to look at;  painful to watch;  —Idiom.
みるにしのびない/mirunishinobinai/ mirunishinobinai/みるにしのびない/見るに忍びない
  • expression:
    1. So miserable that it is painful to look at;  can't bear to look at;  painful to watch;  —Idiom.
みるときくとはおおちがい/mirutokikutohaoochigai/ mirutokikutohaoochigai/みるときくとはおおちがい/見ると聞くとは大違い
  • expression:
    1. There is a great difference between seeing and hearing  —Idiom.
みるひとはみている/miruhitohamiteiru/ miruhitohamiteiru/みるひとはみている/見る人は見ている
  • expression:
    1. There are always people with discerning eyes  —Idiom.
みるめかぐはな/mirumekaguhana/ mirumekaguhana/みるめかぐはな/見る目嗅ぐ鼻
  • expression:
    1. Yama's pole with a human head on the top (able to discern good and evil of the dead)   閻魔
    2. (being a) fuss-pot;  complaining about things in the public eye
みるにみかねる/mirunimikaneru/ mirunimikaneru/みるにみかねる/見るに見かねる · 見るに見兼ねる
  • expression:
    1. unable to let pass unnoticed;  unable to be indifferent;  unable to just watch (without doing anything);  can't bear to see;  can't stand watching;  can't just stand by;   みかねる【見かねる】
みるから/mirukara/ mirukara/みるから/見るから
  • adverb:
    1. at a glance;  obviously  —Usu. as 見るからに.



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