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ぎせき/giseki/common giseki/ぎせき/common議席
ぎいん/giin/common giin/ぎいん/common議員
ぎかい/gikai/common gikai/ぎかい/common議会
ぎちょう/gichou/common gichou/ぎちょう/common議長
ぎろん/giron/common giron/ぎろん/common議論
ぎだい/gidai/common gidai/ぎだい/common議題
ぎじょう/gijou/common gijou/ぎじょう/common議場
  • noun:
    1. assembly hall;  the House
ぎいん/giin/common giin/ぎいん/common議院
  • noun:
    1. parliament;  congress;  diet
    2. house (of parliament, etc.);  chamber
ぎけつ/giketsu/common giketsu/ぎけつ/common議決
ぎあん/gian/common gian/ぎあん/common議案
ぎじ/giji/common giji/ぎじ/common議事
ぎし/gishi/ gishi/ぎし/議士
  • noun:
    1. councillor;  councilor;  legislator
ぎてい/gitei/ · ぎじょう/gijou/ gitei/ぎてい/ · gijou/ぎじょう/議定
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. agreement
ぎりょう/giryou/ giryou/ぎりょう/議了
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. finishing discussion;  closing a debate
ぎす/gisu/ gisu/ぎす/議す
  • godan す verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to consult (somebody);  to talk something over;   議する
ぎれん/giren/ giren/ぎれん/議連
  • noun:
    1. Diet members' caucus;  caucus of the Diet;  —Abbreviation.   議員連盟
ぎうん/giun/ giun/ぎうん/議運
  • noun:
    1. Committee on Rules and Administration (Diet);  House Steering Committee;  Standing Committee for House Management;  —Abbreviation.   議院運営委員会


deliberation;  consultation;  debate;  consideration


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