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おどり/odori/common odori/おどり/common踊り

ヨウ//    おど.る/ヨウ/おど.る/

jump;  dance;  leap;  skip

おどりこ/odoriko/common odoriko/おどりこ/common踊り子 · 踊子irregular
おどりば/odoriba/common odoriba/おどりば/common踊り場
  • noun:
    1. dance hall;  dance floor
    2. landing (stairs)
    3. leveling off (e.g. in the economy);  period of stagnation;  cooling-off period;  lull;  plateau
おどりあがる/odoriagaru/ odoriagaru/おどりあがる/躍り上がる · 踊り上がる · おどり上がる
  • godan る verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to spring up;  to leap to one's feet;  to jump up and down
おどりくるう/odorikuruu/ odorikuruu/おどりくるう/踊り狂う
おどりじ/odoriji/ odoriji/おどりじ/踊り字 · 踊字irregular · 躍り字 · 躍字
  • noun:
    1. iteration mark (used to represent repetition of the previous character);  ditto mark
おどりて/odorite/ odorite/おどりて/踊り手 · 踊手irregular
おどりぬく/odorinuku/ odorinuku/おどりぬく/踊り抜く
おどりだす/odoridasu/ odoridasu/おどりだす/踊り出す
おどりあかす/odoriakasu/ odoriakasu/おどりあかす/踊り明かす
  • godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to dance all night;  to dance until dawn
おどりこそう/odorikosou/ · オドリコソウ/ODORIKOSOU/ odorikosou/おどりこそう/ · ODORIKOSOU/オドリコソウ/踊子草 · 踊り子草
  • noun:
    1. Lamium album var. barbatum (variety of white deadnettle)  —Usually written using kana alone.
おどりやたい/odoriyatai/ odoriyatai/おどりやたい/踊り屋台
  • noun:
    1. float at a festival upon which one can dance
おどりぐい/odorigui/ odorigui/おどりぐい/踊り食い
  • noun:
    1. eating live seafood (e.g. ice gobies, shrimp)
おどりねんぶつ/odorinenbutsu/ odorinenbutsu/おどりねんぶつ/踊り念仏 · 踊念仏irregular
  • noun:
    1. Buddhist incantation using chanting, drumbeating, and dancing
おどりことば/odorikotoba/ odorikotoba/おどりことば/踊り言葉 · 躍り言葉
  • noun:
    1. word consisting of (two) repeated syllables



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