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すべる/suberu/common suberu/すべる/common滑る · 辷る
じすべり/jisuberi/common jisuberi/じすべり/common地滑り · 地辷り · 地すべり
すべりどめ/suberidome/common suberidome/すべりどめ/common滑り止め · 辷り止め
  • noun:
    1. tyre chains;  anti-skid device
    2. backup measure;  taking entrance examination to a university in case one fails at other universities
すべらす/suberasu/ suberasu/すべらす/滑らす · 辷らす
くちがすべる/kuchigasuberu/ kuchigasuberu/くちがすべる/口が滑る · 口が辷るoutdated

すべ.る/    すべ.らす/sube.rasu/すべ.る/    sube.rasu/すべ.らす/

glide;  skate;  slip;  fail in exams;  (kokuji)


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