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へいか/heika/common heika/へいか/common陛下
  • noun / noun used as a suffix:
    1. your Majesty;  his (or her) Majesty;  —Honorific language 「尊敬語」.
てんのうへいか/tennouheika/common tennouheika/てんのうへいか/common天皇陛下
  • noun:
    1. His Majesty the Emperor
こうごうへいか/kougouheika/ kougouheika/こうごうへいか/皇后陛下
  • noun:
    1. her majesty the Empress
きんじょうへいか/kinjouheika/ kinjouheika/きんじょうへいか/今上陛下
  • noun:
    1. the reigning emperor;  His Majesty the Emperor
じょおうへいか/joouheika/ joouheika/じょおうへいか/女王陛下
りょうへいか/ryouheika/ ryouheika/りょうへいか/両陛下
  • noun:
    1. Their Majesties;  the Emperor and Empress
こくおうへいか/kokuouheika/ kokuouheika/こくおうへいか/国王陛下
  • expression:
    1. His Majesty the King
へいえい/heiei/ heiei/へいえい/陛衛
  • noun:
    1. Imperial guard  —Archaism.
おうこうへいか/oukouheika/ oukouheika/おうこうへいか/王后陛下
  • noun:
    1. Her Majesty the Queen


highness;  steps (of throne)


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