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めんぼく/menboku/common · めんもく/menmoku/common · めいぼく/meiboku/obsolete menboku/めんぼく/common · menmoku/めんもく/common · meiboku/めいぼく/obsolete面目

メン/MEN/    ベン/BEN/    おも/omo/    おもて/omote/    つら/tsura/MEN/メン/    BEN/ベン/    omo/おも/    omote/おもて/    tsura/つら/

mask;  face;  features;  surface

モク/MOKU/    ボク/BOKU/    /me/    -め/-me/    ま-/ma-/MOKU/モク/    BOKU/ボク/    me//    -me/-め/    ma-/ま-/

eye;  class;  look;  insight;  experience;  care;  favor

めんぼくない/menbokunai/ menbokunai/めんぼくない/面目無い · 面目ない
めんぼくにかかるもんだい/menbokunikakarumondai/ menbokunikakarumondai/めんぼくにかかるもんだい/面目に係る問題
  • noun:
    1. problem concerning one's honor (honour)
めんぼくをほどこす/menbokuwohodokosu/ menbokuwohodokosu/めんぼくをほどこす/面目を施す
  • expression / godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to get credit;  to win honor;  to win honour
めんもくがたつ/menmokugatatsu/ menmokugatatsu/めんもくがたつ/面目が立つ
  • expression / godan つ verb → conjugation:
    1. to save one's face
めんもくいっしん/menmokuisshin/ · めんぼくいっしん/menbokuisshin/ menmokuisshin/めんもくいっしん/ · menbokuisshin/めんぼくいっしん/面目一新
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. undergoing a complete change in appearance;  changing something out of all recognition;  a rise in one's reputation
めんぼくしだい/menbokushidai/ menbokushidai/めんぼくしだい/面目次第
  • noun:
    1. face;  honor;  reputation
めんもくやくじょ/menmokuyakujo/usually just kana menmokuyakujo/めんもくやくじょ/usually just kana面目躍如
  • noun with genitive case particle の / たる adjective → conjugation / adverb taking the と particle:
    1. with evident joy of having lived up to one's reputation;  having an effect of bolstering one's reputation
めんぼくまるつぶれ/menbokumarutsubure/ · めんもくまるつぶれ/menmokumarutsubure/ menbokumarutsubure/めんぼくまるつぶれ/ · menmokumarutsubure/めんもくまるつぶれ/面目丸つぶれ · 面目丸潰れ
めんぼくをうしなう/menbokuwoushinau/ menbokuwoushinau/めんぼくをうしなう/面目を失う



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