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じゅんばん/junban/common junban/じゅんばん/common順番


obey;  order;  turn;  right;  docility;  occasion

バン/BAN/    つが.い/tsuga.i/BAN/バン/    tsuga.i/つが.い/

turn;  number in a series

じゅんばんまち/junbanmachi/ junbanmachi/じゅんばんまち/順番待ち
  • expression:
    1. waiting one's turn
じゅんばんけんさ/junbankensa/ junbankensa/じゅんばんけんさ/順番検査
  • noun:
    1. sequence check  —IT term.
じゅんばんづける/junbandukeru/ junbandukeru/じゅんばんづける/順番付ける
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to sequence  —IT term.
じゅんばんれつ/junbanretsu/ junbanretsu/じゅんばんれつ/順番列
  • noun:
    1. sequence  —IT term.
じゅんばんに/junbanni/ junbanni/じゅんばんに/順番に
  • adverb:
    1. about



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