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Showing entries with nouns only.
ふうぞく/fuuzoku/common fuuzoku/ふうぞく/common風俗

フウ//    /FU/    かぜ/kaze/    かざ-/kaza-/    -かぜ/-kaze/FUU/フウ/    FU//    kaze/かぜ/    kaza-/かざ-/    -kaze/-かぜ/

wind;  air;  style;  manner


vulgar;  customs;  manners;  worldliness;  mundane things

ふうぞくえいぎょう/fuuzokueigyou/common fuuzokueigyou/ふうぞくえいぎょう/common風俗営業
  • noun:
    1. business offering food and entertainment;  cabaret, club and restaurant business
    2. sex industry
ふうぞくしょうせつ/fuuzokushousetsu/ fuuzokushousetsu/ふうぞくしょうせつ/風俗小説
  • noun:
    1. novel depicting customs and manners of the day
ふうぞくが/fuuzokuga/ fuuzokuga/ふうぞくが/風俗画
  • noun:
    1. painting depicting customs
ふうぞくかいらん/fuuzokukairan/ fuuzokukairan/ふうぞくかいらん/風俗壊乱
  • noun:
    1. corruption of public morals;  an offense against public morality
ふうぞくがふう/fuuzokugafuu/ fuuzokugafuu/ふうぞくがふう/風俗画風
  • noun:
    1. (of the) genre painting style;  (of the) style of painting that depicts people's customs and manners;  (of the) type of painting that denotes the life of ordinary people
ふうぞくしゅうかん/fuuzokushuukan/ fuuzokushuukan/ふうぞくしゅうかん/風俗習慣
ふうぞくはんざい/fuuzokuhanzai/ fuuzokuhanzai/ふうぞくはんざい/風俗犯罪
  • noun:
    1. offense against public morals;  morals offense;  vice crime
ふうぞくじょう/fuuzokujou/ fuuzokujou/ふうぞくじょう/風俗嬢
  • noun:
    1. woman who works in the sex industry
ふうぞくてん/fuuzokuten/ fuuzokuten/ふうぞくてん/風俗店
  • noun:
    1. sex establishment;  brothel



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