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しゅい/shui/common shui/しゅい/common首位 · 主位

シュ/SHU/    くび/kubi/SHU/シュ/    kubi/くび/

neck;  counter for songs and poems

/I/    くらい/kurai/    ぐらい/gurai/I//    kurai/くらい/    gurai/ぐらい/

rank;  grade;  throne;  crown;  about;  some

しゅいだしゃ/shuidasha/ shuidasha/しゅいだしゃ/首位打者
しゅいこうぼうせん/shuikoubousen/ shuikoubousen/しゅいこうぼうせん/首位攻防戦
  • noun:
    1. game or series of games between the first and second place teams (baseball)



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