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だがしや/dagashiya/common dagashiya/だがしや/common駄菓子屋
  • noun:
    1. small-time candy store

/DA/    /TA/DA//    TA//

burdensome;  pack horse;  horse load;  send by horse


candy;  cakes;  fruit

/SHI/    /SU/    /TSU/    /ko/    -こ/-ko/    /ne/SHI//    SU//    TSU//    ko//    -ko/-こ/    ne//

child;  sign of the rat;  11PM-1AM;  first sign of Chinese zodiac

オク/OKU/    /ya/OKU/オク/    ya//

roof;  house;  shop;  dealer;  seller



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