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せんじん/senjin/common senjin/せんじん/common千仞 · 千尋
ちひろ/chihiro/ chihiro/ちひろ/千尋
ばんじん/banjin/ banjin/ばんじん/万尋 · 万仞
  • noun:
    1. 10000 fathoms;  great depth;  great height
へきりつせんじん/hekiritsusenjin/ hekiritsusenjin/へきりつせんじん/壁立千仞
  • expression:
    1. precipitous cliff of great height, metaphor for absolute nature of Buddhist truth  —Buddhist term.  Idiom.   壁立  /  千仞[2]

ジン/JIN/    はか.る/ジン/はか.る/



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