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じぜん/jizen/common jizen/じぜん/common事前
ごぜん/gozen/common gozen/ごぜん/common午前
ちょくぜん/chokuzen/common chokuzen/ちょくぜん/common直前
なまえ/namae/common namae/なまえ/common名前 · 名まえ
めのまえ/menomae/common menomae/めのまえ/common目の前
いぜん/izen/common izen/いぜん/common以前 · 已前outdated
すんぜん/sunzen/common sunzen/すんぜん/common寸前
ちゅうぜん/chuuzen/common chuuzen/ちゅうぜん/common中前
  • noun:
    1. front of center field;  front of centre field
せんぜん/senzen/common senzen/せんぜん/common戦前
ひだりまえ/hidarimae/common hidarimae/ひだりまえ/common左前
  • noun:
    1. going badly (one's business, one's fortune, the economy);  being in a bad financial situation
    2. wearing a kimono with the right side tucked under the left (normally used only for the dead)
えきまえ/ekimae/common ekimae/えきまえ/common駅前
あたりまえ/atarimae/common atarimae/あたりまえ/common当たり前 · 当り前 · あたり前 · 当りまえ
もくぜん/mokuzen/common mokuzen/もくぜん/common目前
てまえ/temae/common temae/てまえ/common手前
じまえ/jimae/common jimae/じまえ/common自前
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. taking care of one's responsibilities by oneself;  one's own efforts;  one's own expense 例文
    2. going into business for oneself (selling one's own products);  entrepreneur of such a business
せいぜん/seizen/common seizen/せいぜん/common生前
たてまえ/tatemae/common tatemae/たてまえ/common建て前 · 建前 · 立て前 · 立前 · 点て前 · 点前
てまえ/temae/ temae/てまえ/点前
おまえ/omae/common · おまい/omai/ · おめえ/omee/ omae/おまえ/common · omai/おまい/ · omee/おめえ/お前 · 御前
にんまえ/ninmae/common ninmae/にんまえ/common人前
ふたりまえ/futarimae/common · ににんまえ/nininmae/ futarimae/ふたりまえ/common · nininmae/ににんまえ/二人前
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. for two people;  (work) of two;  (meals) for two
くうぜん/kuuzen/common kuuzen/くうぜん/common空前
まえまえ/maemae/common maemae/まえまえ/common前々 · 前前
いちにんまえ/ichininmae/common · ひとりまえ/hitorimae/ ichininmae/いちにんまえ/common · hitorimae/ひとりまえ/一人前 · 一人まえ
もちまえ/mochimae/common mochimae/もちまえ/common持ち前 · 持前 · 持ちまえ
ひるまえ/hirumae/common hirumae/ひるまえ/common昼前

ゼン/ZEN/    まえ/mae/    -まえ/-mae/ZEN/ゼン/    mae/まえ/    -mae/-まえ/

in front;  before

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