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つづらふじ/tsudurafuji/ · ツヅラフジ/TSUZURAFUJI/ tsudurafuji/つづらふじ/ · TSUZURAFUJI/ツヅラフジ/葛藤 · 防已
しょうめつめつい/shoumetsumetsui/ shoumetsumetsui/しょうめつめつい/生滅滅已
  • expression:
    1. going beyond life and death and entering Nirvana  —Buddhist term.

/I/    や.む/    すで.に/    のみ/nomi/    はなはだ/hanahada/I//や.む/すで.に/    nomi/のみ/    hanahada/はなはだ/

stop;  halt;  previously;  already;  long ago


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