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Showing entries with Buddhism terms only.
ごう/gou/common gou/ごう/common
/gi/common gi//common
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. morality;  righteousness;  justice;  honour (honor)
    2. meaning
    3. teachings;  doctrine;  —Buddhist term.
  • noun / noun used as a prefix:
    1. nonconsanguineous relationship (i.e. of in-laws)
    2. prosthesis
/ri/common ri//common
  • noun:
    1. reason;  principle;  logic 例文
    2. general principle (as opposed to individual concrete phenomenon)  —Buddhist term.   じ【事】
    3. (in neo-Confucianism) the underlying principles of the cosmos
かこ/kako/common kako/かこ/common過去
いしき/ishiki/common ishiki/いしき/common意識
じっさい/jissai/common jissai/じっさい/common実際
てん/ten/common · あめ/ame/ · あま/ama/ ten/てん/common · ame/あめ/ · ama/あま/
はた/hata/common hata/はた/common · ·
しっこう/shikkou/common · しゅぎょう/shugyou/ · しゅうぎょう/shuugyou/ · しぎょう/shigyou/ shikkou/しっこう/common · shugyou/しゅぎょう/ · shuugyou/しゅうぎょう/ · shigyou/しぎょう/執行
たく/taku/common · しょく/shoku/ taku/たく/common · shoku/しょく/
  • noun:
    1. table;  desk
  • counter:
    1. たくcounter for tables, desks, etc.
  • noun:
    1. しょくoffering table before an altar (sometimes used in tea ceremony)  —Buddhist term.
    2. しょくtabletop incense burner  —Abbreviation.   卓香炉
ちえ/chie/common chie/ちえ/common知恵 · 智恵 · 智慧
ちゅうどう/chuudou/common chuudou/ちゅうどう/common中道
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. middle of the road;  moderation;  golden mean 例文
    2. the middle (of what one is doing);  half-way
    3. middle way;  middle path;  —Buddhist term.
さかい/sakai/common sakai/さかい/common ·
きょう/kyou/ kyou/きょう/
ぎょう/gyou/common gyou/ぎょう/common
むえん/muen/common muen/むえん/common無縁
かん/kan/common kan/かん/common
ちくしょう/chikushou/common · ちきしょう/chikishou/ chikushou/ちくしょう/common · chikishou/ちきしょう/畜生
とかく/tokaku/common tokaku/とかく/common兎角 · 左右
とく/toku/common toku/とく/common
ないしょ/naisho/common naisho/ないしょ/common内緒 · 内証 · 内所
ないしょう/naishou/ naishou/ないしょう/内証
ほう/hou/common hou/ほう/common
きっしょうてん/kisshouten/common · きちじょうてん/kichijouten/ kisshouten/きっしょうてん/common · kichijouten/きちじょうてん/吉祥天
  • noun:
    1. Sri-mahadevi (consort of Vaisravana in Buddhism, based on Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu in Hinduism)  —Buddhist term.
どんよく/don'yoku/common · とんよく/ton'yoku/ · たんよく/tan'yoku/ don'yoku/どんよく/common · ton'yoku/とんよく/ · tan'yoku/たんよく/貪欲 · 貪慾
しゅぎょう/shugyou/common · すぎょう/sugyou/obsolete shugyou/しゅぎょう/common · sugyou/すぎょう/obsolete修行
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. ascetic practices  —Buddhist term.
    2. training;  practice;  discipline;  study
どうじょう/doujou/common doujou/どうじょう/common道場
  • noun:
    1. dojo (hall used for martial arts training)
    2. manda (place of Buddhist practice or meditation, esp. the place under the bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment)  —Buddhist term.  Abbreviation.   菩提道場

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