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Showing entries with Martial Arts terms only.
いっぽん/ippon/common ippon/いっぽん/common一本
とうほう/touhou/common · ひがしかた/higashikata/ · ひがしがた/higashigata/ touhou/とうほう/common · higashikata/ひがしかた/ · higashigata/ひがしがた/東方
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. eastern direction 例文
    2. the Orient
  • noun:
    1. ひがしかた · ひがしがたeastern fighter in a match (e.g. sumo wrestling)  —Martial arts term.
うけみ/ukemi/common ukemi/うけみ/common受身 · 受け身
めん/men/common men/めん/common
おとす/otosu/common otosu/おとす/common落とす · 落す
うちこむ/uchikomu/common uchikomu/うちこむ/common打ち込む · 打込む
きめる/kimeru/common kimeru/きめる/common決める · 極める
せいほう/seihou/common · さいほう/saihou/ · にしがた/nishigata/ seihou/せいほう/common · saihou/さいほう/ · nishigata/にしがた/西方
  • noun:
    1. western direction 例文
    2. さいほうWestern Pure Land (Amitabha's Buddhist paradise)  —Buddhist term.  Abbreviation.   西方浄土
    3. にしがたwestern fighter in a match (e.g. sumo)  —Martial arts term.
しめ/shime/common shime/しめ/common締め
とりて/torite/common torite/とりて/common捕り手 · 捕手
  • noun:
    1. policeman;  official in charge of imprisoning offenders;  —Archaism.
    2. art of defeating (and capturing) an opponent with one's bare hands  —Martial arts term.
ぶじゅつ/bujutsu/common bujutsu/ぶじゅつ/common武術
せおいなげ/seoinage/ · しょいなげ/shoinage/common seoinage/せおいなげ/ · shoinage/しょいなげ/common背負い投げ
  • noun:
    1. seoi nage (in judo, a shoulder throw)  —Martial arts term.
あいきどう/aikidou/common aikidou/あいきどう/common合気道 · 合氣道outdated
なげわざ/nagewaza/common nagewaza/なげわざ/common投げ技 · 投技 · 投げ業
  • noun:
    1. throw or throwing technique (sumo, judo)  —Sumo term.  Martial arts term.
あしかけ/ashikake/common ashikake/あしかけ/common足掛け · 足かけ · 足掛
  • noun:
    1. leg trip (in sumo, judo, etc.)  —Sumo term.  Martial arts term.
    2. foothold;  pedal
  • adverbial noun:
    1. nearly (used to estimate a period of time by rounding up incomplete units)   まる【丸】[2]
らんどり/randori/common randori/らんどり/common乱取り · 乱捕り · 乱取irregular · 乱捕irregular
  • noun:
    1. randori (freestyle judo training)  —Martial arts term.
ちぎりぎ/chigirigi/ chigirigi/ちぎりぎ/ちぎりぎ  
  • noun:
    1. weight-chain-pole weapon  —Martial arts term.
ぬんちゃく/nunchaku/ · ヌンチャク/NUNCHAKU/ nunchaku/ぬんちゃく/ · NUNCHAKU/ヌンチャク/双節棍
  • noun:
    1. nunchaku (two linked fighting sticks);  nunchak;  —Martial arts term.  Usually written using kana alone.  Ryuukyuu-ben.
ムエタイ/MUETAI/ MUETAI/ムエタイ/ムエタイ  
  • noun:
    1. Muay Thai;  Thai boxing;  —Martial arts term.  From Thai.
えんせいけん/enseiken/ enseiken/えんせいけん/燕青拳
  • noun:
    1. Yangqingquan;  Yangqing Fist;  —Martial arts term.
けいいけん/keiiken/ keiiken/けいいけん/形意拳
  • noun:
    1. shape-of-the-mind fist;  Hsing I Chuan;  —Martial arts term.
こきゅうほう/kokyuuhou/ kokyuuhou/こきゅうほう/呼吸法
  • noun:
    1. breathing techniques;  breath control;  —Martial arts term.
こえんけん/koenken/ koenken/こえんけん/虎燕拳
  • noun:
    1. Tiger Swallow Fist  —Martial arts term.
うしろわざ/ushirowaza/ ushirowaza/うしろわざ/後技
  • noun:
    1. Aikido rear defence (defense)  —Martial arts term.
すわりわざ/suwariwaza/ suwariwaza/すわりわざ/座技
  • noun:
    1. Aikido seated defence (defense)  —Martial arts term.

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