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よとぎ/yotogi/ yotogi/よとぎ/夜伽
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. attending someone through the night (guard, nurse)
    2. act of a woman sleeping with a man (at his bidding)
    3. keeping overnight vigil over body before burial
おとぎ/otogi/ otogi/おとぎ/御伽 · お伽
  • noun:
    1. attending (upon);  keeping another company
そうぎゃ/sougya/ sougya/そうぎゃ/僧伽
  • noun:
    1. sangha (the Buddhist community)  —From Sanskrit 'samgha'.
あか/aka/ aka/あか/閼伽
  • noun:
    1. water offering to Buddha;  holy water;  —Buddhist term.  From Sanskrit 'argha, arghya'.
ゆが/yuga/ yuga/ゆが/瑜伽
  • noun:
    1. yoga  —Buddhist term.   ヨーガ

/KA/    /GA/    キャ/KYA/    ギャ/GYA/    とぎ/togi/KA//    GA//    KYA/キャ/    GYA/ギャ/    togi/とぎ/

nursing;  attending;  entertainer


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