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われわれ/wareware/common wareware/われわれ/common我々 · 我我
けが/kega/common kega/けが/common怪我
じが/jiga/common jiga/じが/common自我
むが/muga/common muga/むが/common無我
  • noun:
    1. selflessness;  self-effacement;  self-renunciation
    2. anatman (no-self, the Buddhist concept that in nothing does there exist an inherent self, soul, or ego)  —Buddhist term.
しゅが/shuga/ shuga/しゅが/主我
  • noun:
    1. ego;  self
ぼうが/bouga/ bouga/ぼうが/忘我
ぼつが/botsuga/ botsuga/ぼつが/没我
  • noun:
    1. selflessness
しょうが/shouga/ shouga/しょうが/小我
  • noun:
    1. the self;  the ego
ひが/higa/ higa/ひが/彼我
  • noun:
    1. self and others;  this and that;  both sides;  oneself and one's opponent;  he and I
じんが/jinga/ jinga/じんが/人我
  • noun:
    1. oneself and others

/GA/    われ/ware/    /wa/    わ.が-/    わが-/waga-/GA//    ware/われ/    wa//わ.が-/    waga-/わが-/

ego;  I;  selfish;  our;  oneself


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