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Japanese Language Student's Handbook



  • WaKan

    WaKan is a software for Windows. It features a character dictionary, a word dictionary, a text editor, a vocabulary management utility, many printing options (character flashcards, vocabulary lists, text including furigana), and a text translation tool. It will allow you to read real Japanese or Chinese text with minimum knowledge of characters and vocabulary.

  • Anki

    Anki is a free spaced repetition Open Source system (SRS) for Windows, Mac, Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora. It helps you remember things by intelligently scheduling flashcards. Anki lets you study on your own computer, online, on your cell phone or other portable devices like an iPod touch or Zaurus. Other features include: synchronization across multiple computers, shared decks, flexible fact/card model that allows you to generate multiple views of information, fully supported audio and images.

  • Tagaini Jisho

    Tagaini Jisho is a free, open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool that is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. It allows you to quickly search for entries and mark those that you wish to study, along with tags and personal notes. It also let you train entries you are studying and follows your progression in remembering them. Finally, it makes it easy to review entries you did not remember by listing them on screen or printing them on a small booklet. Feature complete stroke order animations for more than 6000 kanji.

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