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Kanji Dictionary

Chinese characters dictionary with over 13,000 entries. Complete with on, kun, nanori, Chinese Pinyin, and Korean Hangul readings, English meanings, radicals, stroke order diagrams, kanji radicals/elements, variants, codepoints, classification codes, dictionary indices, and example compounds.

  • Search with English, Japanese, kana, rōmaji, on, kun, nanori, Hangul, Pinyin readings, classification codes, dictionary indices, stroke counts, popular character sets (e.g. jlpt) or simply kanji.
  • Narrow down your search results by typing more than one reading or meaning, or both together. e.g. GA hakaru will show kanji with both readings GA and hakaru first.
  • Bundle words in double quotation marks to find entries which contain the words in the exact specified order. e.g. "to make do". Quotation marks work with English only. Use them to get more accurate results if your query is an English word or phrase that can also be transcribed into kana.
  • Use Revised Hepburn romanization system when searching with romanized Japanese. Long vowels can be noted either with a macron or doubled vowels. e.g. or kou.


Narrow down your search results to kanji from a specific set. e.g. kan +jlpt for kanji with reading kan from the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Search with tags only to get a list of kanji from a specific set ordered by frequency of use. e.g. +joyo3 will show kanji from the Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade set. Available tags:

+joyo  Jōyō Kanji
+joyo[1-6]  Jōyō Kanji Grade [1-6]
+joyohs  Jōyō Kanji High-School
+jlpt  Japanese Language Proficiency Test
+jlpt[1-5]  JLPT Level N[1-5]
+jinmeiyo  Jinmeiyō Kanji


© KANJIDIC2 — property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, used in conformance with the Group's licence.

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© KanjiVG — stroke order diagrams. Ulrich Alpel 2009-2012 (stroke order diagrams).

© KRADFILE-Unicode — kanji elements.Michael Raine, Jim Breen, The EDR&D Group at Monash University, Jim Rose, The


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