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チョウ/CHŌ/    テイ/TEI/    チン/CHIN/    トウ//    /CHI/    ひのと/hinoto/CHOU/チョウ/    TEI/テイ/    CHIN/チン/    TOU/トウ/    CHI//    hinoto/ひのと/

street;  ward;  town;  counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something;  even number;  4th calendar sign Frenchpâté de maison;  tranche d'aliment;  exactitude;  soin extrême;  quatrième;  signe du 4è tronc céleste Portugueserua;  departamento;  cidade;  sufixo para contagem de para armas;  ferramentas;  folhas ou bolos de alguma coisa;  número par;  4º sign Spanishbarrio;  distrito;  hoja

Radical: (one).   Strokes: 2画.   Elements: 一亅.   Pinyin: dīng / zhēng.   Hangul:  [jeong].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
チョウCHŌ柳刃包やなぎばぼうちょうyanagibabōchō】kitchen knife for sashimi
胸突き八むなつきはっちょうmunatsukihacchō】the most trying spot or period; the most difficult period
よこちょうyokochō】bystreet; side street; back street; alley; lane
テイTEIていちょうteichō】polite; courteous; hospitable
そうていsōtei】binding (book); format
ていねいteinei】polite; courteous; careful; care; kind; close; thorough; conscientious
チンCHIN沃度ようどちんきyōdochinki】tincture of iodine
CHIちょうめchōme】district of a town; city block (of irregular size)
ひのとhinotoひのととりhinototori】34th of the sexagenary cycle; thirty-fourth of the sexagenary cycle
ひのとうhinotō】fourth of the sexagenary cycle
ひのとのうしhinotonōshi】fourteenth of the sexagenary cycle
Codepoints and classification codes:
35-90JIS X 0208
1020.0Four Corner
3153De Roo
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Additional translation:

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