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ガン/GAN/    まる/maru/    まる.める/maru.meru/    まる.い/maru.i/GAN/ガン/    maru/まる/    maru.meru/まる.める/    maru.i/まる.い/

round;  full (month);  perfection;  -ship;  pills;  make round;  roll up;  curl up;  seduce;  explain away Frenchrond;  arrondir;  entier (mois);  pilule;  perfection;  suffixe des bateaux;  se pelotonner;  se rouler en boule;  séduire;  justifier Portuguesearredondar;  cheio;  mês;  perfeição;  -nave;  pílulas;  espiral para cima;  seduzir Spanishredondo;  circular;  círculo;  redondear

Radical: (dot).   Strokes: 3画.   Elements: 九丶.   Pinyin: wán.   Hangul:  [hwan].   Nanori:  /  / わにma / wa / wani.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
ガンGAN投げほうがんなげhōgannage】the shot put
だんがんdangan】bullet; shot; shell
いちがんichigan】lump; (into) one
まるmaru洗いまるあらいmaruarai】washing a kimono (or futon, etc.) without taking it apart; laundering whole
見えまるみえmarumie】completely visible
まるめるmarumeruめるまるめるmarumeru】to make round; to seduce; to round off (a fraction); to lump together
言いめるいいまるめるiimarumeru】to do sweet-talk
頭をめるあたまをまるめるatamawomarumeru】to be tonsured; to become a monk
まるmaruiまるいmarui】round; harmonious
真んまんまるいmanmarui】perfectly round; perfectly circular
Codepoints and classification codes:
20-61JIS X 0208
5001.7Four Corner
1657De Roo
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