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シュ/SHU/    /SU/    シュウ/SHŪ/    ぬし/nushi/    おも/omo/    あるじ/aruji/SHU/シュ/    SU//    SHUU/シュウ/    nushi/ぬし/    omo/おも/    aruji/あるじ/

lord;  chief;  master;  main thing;  principal Frenchmaître;  seigneur;  chef;  principal;  propriétaire;  mari Portuguesesenhor;  chefe;  mestre;  coisa principal;  principal Spanishseñor;  jefe;  dueño;  patrón

Radical: (dot).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: 王丶.   Pinyin: zhǔ.   Hangul:  [ju].   Nanori: かず /  / もんkazu / zu / mon.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
シュSHUしゅくんshukun】lord; master
しゅほうshuhō】the highest peak
SU国粋こくすいしゅぎkokusuishugi】nationalism; extreme patriotism
るすrusu】absence; house-sitting; being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.)
シュウSHŪしゅうじゅうshūjū】master and servant; lord and retainer; employer and employee
しゅうすじshūsuji】people close to the head man
思いしゅうおもいshūomoi】worrying about one's master's affairs; one who so worries
買いかいぬしkainushi】buyer; purchaser
売りうりぬしurinushi】seller; vendor
おもomoおもやomoya】main building (of a manor); central room (of a house)
おもomo】chief; main secondary or supporting role (in kyogen)
おもにomoni】mainly; primarily
あるじaruji一国一城のいっこくいちじょうのあるじikkokuichijōnoaruji】feudal lord; head of a household; proudly independent person
おんなあるじonnāruji】female owner; proprietress; landlady
一家のいっかのあるじikkanoaruji】master of the household
Codepoints and classification codes:
28-71JIS X 0208
0010.4Four Corner
472De Roo
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