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ダイ/DAI/    タイ/TAI/    か.わる/ka.waru/    かわ.る/    かわ.り/kawa.ri/    か.わり/ka.wari/    -がわ.り/-gawa.ri/    -が.わり/-ga.wari/    か.える/ka.eru/    /yo/    しろ/shiro/DAI/ダイ/    TAI/タイ/    ka.waru/か.わる/かわ.る/    kawa.ri/かわ.り/    ka.wari/か.わり/    -gawa.ri/-がわ.り/    -ga.wari/-が.わり/    ka.eru/か.える/    yo//    shiro/しろ/

substitute;  change;  convert;  replace;  period;  age;  counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.;  generation;  charge;  rate;  fee Frenchsubstituer;  changer;  convertir;  remplacer;  période;  âge;  ère;  génération;  montant d'argent;  taux;  prix;  redevance Portuguesesubstituto;  mudança;  convertido;  repor;  período;  idade;  geração;  carga;  valor;  taxa Spanishgeneración;  reinado;  sustituir;  reemplazar;  relevar

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: ⺅弋.   Pinyin: dài.   Hangul:  [dae].   Nanori: su.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
ダイDAIこうだいkōdai】posterity; future generations
てだいtedai】sales clerk
タイTAI新陳しんちんたいしゃshinchintaisha】renewal; replacement; metabolism
えいたいeitai】permanence; eternity
たいしゃtaisha】renewal; regeneration; metabolism
わるkawaru入れわるいれかわるirekawaru】to change places; to relieve one another
わるかわるkawaru】to succeed; to take the place of; to be exchanged
わるわるかわるがわるkawarugawaru】alternately; by turns
かわkawaruかわるkawaru】to succeed; to take the place of; to be exchanged
かわるがわるkawarugawaru】alternately; by turns
かわkawariおかわりokawari】second helping; command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand
わりkawari入れわり立ちわりいれかわりたちかわりirekawaritachikawari】by turns
入れわりいれかわりirekawari】substitution; replacement; shifting; change
わりおかわりokawari】second helping; command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand
えるkaeru入れえるいれかえるirekaeru】to replace; to substitute; to shift; to change places
えるかえるkaeru】to replace; to exchange; to substitute
着せえるきせかえるkisekaeru】to change clothes on a doll
yoよろずよyorozuyo】thousands of years; eternity; all generations
八千やちよyachiyo】eternity; thousands of years
君がきみがよkimigayo】Imperial reign; title of Japanese national anthem
しろshiroしろものshiromono】thing; article; goods; fellow; affair
金要求みのしろきんようきゅうminoshirokin'yōkyū】ransom demand
飲みのみしろnomishiro】drink money; drinking money
Codepoints and classification codes:
34-69JIS X 0208
2324.0Four Corner
2156De Roo
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