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デン/DEN/    テン/TEN/    つた.わる/tsuta.waru/    つた.える/tsuta.eru/    つた.う/tsuta.u/    つだ.う/tsuda.u/    -づた.い/-duta.i/    つて/tsute/DEN/デン/    TEN/テン/    tsuta.waru/つた.わる/    tsuta.eru/つた.える/    tsuta.u/つた.う/    tsuda.u/つだ.う/    -duta.i/-づた.い/    tsute/つて/

transmit;  go along;  walk along;  follow;  report;  communicate;  legend;  tradition Frenchtransmettre;  côtoyer;  suivre;  rapporter;  communiquer;  légende;  tradition Portuguesetransmitir;  progredir;  andar ao longo;  seguir;  relatório;  comunicar;  lenda;  tradição Spanishtransmitir;  tradición;  ser transmitido;  comunicar;  seguir

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: ⺅二厶.   Pinyin: yún.   Hangul:  [jeon].   Nanori: つたえtsutae.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
デンDENでんぼうdenbō】teaching Buddhism; rough person; bullying; ostentatious bravado
れつでんretsuden】series of biographies
水滸すいこでんsuikoden】The Water Margin (classic of Chinese literature)
テンTENてんまtenma】post horse
馬船てんませんtenmasen】large sculling boat
高速こうそくてんそうkōsokutensō】high speed transmission
つたわるtsutawaruわるつたわるtsutawaru】to be handed down; to be introduced; to be transmitted; to be circulated; to go along; to walk along
代代わるだいだいつたわるdaidaitsutawaru】to be transmitted (handed down) from generation to generation
つたえるtsutaeruえるつたえるtsutaeru】to convey; to report; to transmit; to communicate; to tell; to impart; to propagate; to teach; to bequeath
言いえるいいつたえるiitsutaeru】to send word
語りえるかたりつたえるkataritsutaeru】to hand down; to pass on (story or tradition)
つたtsutauつたうtsutau】to go along; to walk along; to follow
つだtsudauてつだうtetsudau】to help; to assist; to take part in
つてtsuteつてtsute】intermediary; influence; good offices; connections; someone to trust; go-between; pull
良いが有るよいつてがあるyoitsutegāru】to have a good connection
Codepoints and classification codes:
37-33JIS X 0208
2123.1Four Corner
2171De Roo
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