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/YO/    あま.る/    あま.り/ama.ri/    あま.す/    あんま.り/anma.ri/YO//あま.る/    ama.ri/あま.り/あま.す/    anma.ri/あんま.り/

too much;  myself;  surplus;  other;  remainder Frenchtrop;  moi-même;  surplus;  autre;  reste Portuguesedemais;  eu mesmo;  excedente;  outro;  restante Spanishremanente;  exceso;  resto;  otro;  distinto;  uno mismo;  quedar;  sobrar;  ser demasiado

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: 一二ハ个亅示小.   Variants: .   Pinyin: / .   Hangul:  [yeo].   Nanori: あまるamaru.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
YOよぎyogi】avocation; hobby
ねんよnen'yo】more than a year
ざんよzan'yo】remainder; the rest; residue
あまamaru思いおもいあまるomoiamaru】to not know how to act or what to do; to be at a loss
あまるamaru】to remain; to be left over; to be in excess; to be too many
思案にしあんにあまるshianniamaru】to be at wit's end; to be at a loss for what to do
あまamariあまりamari】remainder; not very (with negative sentence); surplus; overjoyed; more than
りにあまりにamarini】too much; excessively; too
りにもあまりにもamarinimo】too much; excessive; too
あまamasu持てもてあますmoteamasu】to be too much for one; to find unmanageable; to be beyond one's control; to not know what to do with
あますamasu】to save; to leave over; to spare
すところなくあますところなくamasutokoronaku】fully; thoroughly
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-30JIS X 0208
8090.4Four Corner
2841De Roo
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