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/BI/    そな.える/sona.eru/    そな.わる/sona.waru/    つぶさ.に/    sona.eru/そな.える/    sona.waru/そな.わる/つぶさ.に/

equip;  provision;  preparation Frenchéquiper;  préparation;  approvisionnement Portugueseequipe;  provisão;  preparação Spanishequipar;  aprovisionar;  preparación;  preparativo;  proveer;  preparar;  estar dotado de;  estar surtido

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: ⺅用厂⺾.   Variants: .   Pinyin: bèi.   Hangul:  [bi].   Nanori: びっ / びんbi' / bin.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
BI下準したじゅんびshitajunbi】preliminary arrangements; spade work
知識よびちしきyobichishiki】background knowledge; prerequisite knowledge
かんびkanbi】perfection; completion
そなえるsonaeru兼ねえるかねそなえるkanesonaeru】to have both; to possess both; to combine with
えるそなえるsonaeru】to furnish; to have ready; to possess
万一にえるまんいちにそなえるman'ichinisonaeru】to provide against contingencies
そなわるsonawaruわるそなわるsonawaru】to be furnished with; to be among
員にわるのみいんにそなわるのみinnisonawarunomi】being a member of staff but useless as a worker
つぶさtsubusaniつぶさにtsubusani】in detail; with great care; completely; again and again
Codepoints and classification codes:
40-87JIS X 0208
2422.7Four Corner
2153De Roo
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