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ユウ//    /U/    やさ.しい/yasa.shii/    すぐ.れる/sugu.reru/    まさ.る/ユウ/    U//    yasa.shii/やさ.しい/    sugu.reru/すぐ.れる/まさ.る/

tenderness;  excel;  surpass;  actor;  superiority;  gentleness Frenchtendresse;  gentillesse;  exceller;  surpasser;  supériorité;  acteur Portugueseternura;  superar;  superação;  ator;  superioridade;  gentileza Spanishexcelente;  sobresaliente;  especial;  papel;  función;  elegante;  tierno;  amable;  cariñoso;  sobrepasar;  dejar atrás;  sobresalir

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 17画.   Elements: 一⺅心白冖夂自.   Pinyin: yōu.   Hangul:  [u].   Nanori:  / よしyu / yoshi.

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ゆうちょうyūchō】leisurely; conspicuous
ゆうにyūni】easily; sufficiently; well; skillfully
やさしいyasashiiしいやさしいyasashii】tender; kind; gentle; graceful; affectionate; amiable; suave
しい声やさしいこえyasashiikoe】soft voice
地球にしいちきゅうにやさしいchikyūniyasashii】earth-friendly; ecological; sustainable
すぐれるsugureruれるすぐれるsugureru】to surpass; to outstrip; to excel
まさmasaruまさるmasaru】to excel; to outweigh
るとも劣らないまさるともおとらないmasarutomōtoranai】not at all inferior to; rival or surpass; compare favorably (with)
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-5JIS X 0208
2124.7Four Corner
2167De Roo
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