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キョウ/KYŌ/    ケイ/KEI/KYOU/キョウ/    KEI/ケイ/

upside-down box radical (no. 13)

Radical: (down box).   Strokes: 2画.   Variants: .   Pinyin: jiōng.   Hangul:  [gyeong].

Example compounds:
Codepoints and classification codes:
49-36JIS X 0208
7722.0Four Corner
Dictionary indices:
384The New Nelson Character Dictionary by A. Nelson
3352New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
1506Daikanwajiten 「大漢和辞典」 by T. Morohashi vol. 2 p. 110


/I/    や.む/    すで.に/    のみ/nomi/    はなはだ/hanahada/I//や.む/すで.に/    nomi/のみ/    hanahada/はなはだ/

stop;  halt;  previously;  already;  long ago Spanishabandono;  parada;  dejar;  abandonar;  parar;  ya;  antes;  hace tiempo

Radical: (oneself).   Strokes: 3画.   Variants: .   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [i].   Nanori: mi.

Jinmeiyō Kanji.

Example compounds:
Iいじょうijō】not less than; beyond ... (e.g. one's means); above-mentioned; since ...; this is all
いごigo】after this; thereafter
いかika】not exceeding; below (e.g. standard); the below-mentioned
yamuむを得ないやむをえないyamuwoenai】cannot be helped; unavoidable
やむyamu】to cease; to stop; to be over
むを得ずやむをえずyamuwoezu】unavoidably; inevitably; necessarily; reluctantly; against one's will
すでsudeniすでにsudeni】already; too late
Codepoints and classification codes:
54-65JIS X 0208
1771.7Four Corner
Dictionary indices:
1461Classic Nelson
1539The New Nelson Character Dictionary by A. Nelson
3377New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
2937Remembering the Kanji by J. Heisig
31Japanese Names by P.G. O'Neill
8743Daikanwajiten 「大漢和辞典」 by T. Morohashi vol. 4 p. 383


Additional translation:

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