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レイ/REI/    つめ.たい/tsume.tai/    ひ.える/hi.eru/    ひ.や/hi.ya/    ひ.ややか/hi.yayaka/    ひ.やす/hi.yasu/    ひ.やかす/hi.yakasu/    さ.める/sa.meru/    さ.ます/sa.masu/REI/レイ/    tsume.tai/つめ.たい/    hi.eru/ひ.える/    hi.ya/ひ.や/    hi.yayaka/ひ.ややか/    hi.yasu/ひ.やす/    hi.yakasu/ひ.やかす/    sa.meru/さ.める/    sa.masu/さ.ます/

cool;  cold (beer, person);  chill Frenchfroid;  fraîche (bière);  froide (personne);  refroidir Portuguesefresco;  frio (cerveja;  pessoa);  calafrio Spanishfrío;  enfriar;  enfriarse;  helarse;  helar

Radical: (ice).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: 个冫卩一.   Pinyin: lěng.   Hangul:  [raeng].

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
レイREIくうれいkūrei】air cooling
れいぐうreigū】cold reception; inhospitality
すいれいsuirei】water cooling
つめたいtsumetaiたいつめたいtsumetai】cold (to the touch); coldhearted
たい戦争つめたいせんそうtsumetaisensō】cold war
えるhieruえるひえるhieru】to grow cold (from room temperature, e.g. in refrigerator); to get chilly; to cool down
hiyaやかしひやかしhiyakashi】jeering; raillery; chaffing; merely asking the price; just looking at goods; window-shopping; browsing
や飯ひやめしhiyameshi】cold rice; hanger-on; disgraced former actor
ひやhiya】cold water; cold sake; cold
ややかhiyayakaややかひややかhiyayaka】cold; indifferent
ややかさひややかさhiyayakasa】coldness; frigidity; indifference
やすhiyasuやすひやすhiyasu】to cool (from room temperature); to calm down; to be frightened (at)
頭をやすあたまをひやすatamawohiyasu】to cool down one's anger
きもをやすきもをひやすkimowohiyasu】to be struck with terror; to be terrified; to be scared to death
やかすhiyakasuやかすひやかすhiyakasu】to banter; to cool
めるsameruめるさめるsameru】to become cool (e.g. from a high temperature to room temperature); to cool down (interest)
熱りがめるほとぼりがさめるhotoborigasameru】The heat is off; The excitement dies down
ますsamasuますさますsamasu】to cool (e.g. from a high temperature to room temperature); to dampen; to let cool; to throw a damper on; to spoil
興をますきょうをさますkyōwosamasu】to be a wet-blanket; to spoil a person's pleasure
Codepoints and classification codes:
46-68JIS X 0208
3812.7Four Corner
344De Roo
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