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knife;  standing sword radical (no. 18)

Radical: (knife).   Strokes: 2画.   Pinyin: dāo.

Codepoints and classification codes:
19-17JIS X 0212
2-03-21JIS X 0213
Dictionary indices:
1New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
1847Daikanwajiten 「大漢和辞典」 by T. Morohashi


/JI/    みみ/mimi/JI//    mimi/みみ/

ear Frenchoreille Portugueseouvido Spanishoreja;  oído

Radical: (ear).   Strokes: 6画.   Pinyin: ěr.   Hangul:  [i].   Nanori: がみgami.

Jōyō Kanji 1st Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
JIぎゅうじるgyūjiru】to control; to take the lead in; to have under one's thumb
ちゅうじchūji】middle ear; tympanum
ないじnaiji】inner ear
はつみみhatsumimi】something heard for the first time; hearing something for the first time
慣れるみみなれるmiminareru】to be something familiar
Codepoints and classification codes:
28-10JIS X 0208
1040.0Four Corner
3255De Roo
Dictionary indices:
3697Classic Nelson
4715The New Nelson Character Dictionary by A. Nelson
3516New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
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818Remembering the Kanji by J. Heisig
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