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セツ/SETSU/    サイ/SAI/    き.る/    -き.る/    き.り/ki.ri/    -き.り/-ki.ri/    -ぎ.り/-gi.ri/    き.れる/ki.reru/    -き.れる/-ki.reru/    き.れ/    -き.れ/    -ぎ.れ/セツ/    SAI/サイ/き.る/き.る/    ki.ri/き.り/    -ki.ri/-き.り/    -gi.ri/-ぎ.り/    ki.reru/き.れる/    -ki.reru/-き.れる/き.れ/き.れ/ぎ.れ/

cut;  cutoff;  be sharp Frenchcouper;  trancher;  tranchant;  passionné;  sérieux Portuguesecorte;  talho;  afiar Spanishcortar;  urgente;  apremiante;  completo;  cortar bien;  agotarse

Radical: (knife).   Strokes: 4画.   Elements: 刀匕.   Pinyin: qiē / qiè.   Hangul:  [jeol]  [che].   Nanori: きつ / きり / ぎりkitsu / kiri / giri.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
セツSETSUあいせつaisetsu】pathetic; plaintive
こんせつkonsetsu】kindness; cordiality; exhaustiveness
せつsetsu】eager; earnest; ardent; kind; keen; acute
サイSAIいっさいissai】all; absolutely not (with negative)
いっさいきょうissaikyō】complete Buddhist scriptures
がっさいgassai】all altogether
kiru売りうりきるurikiru】to sell out; to sell off
出しだしきるdashikiru】to use up; to do one's best
取り仕とりしきるtorishikiru】to operate a business; to run a business; to manage all by oneself
kiriり込むきりこむkirikomu】to cut into; to raid
り落とすきりおとすkiriotosu】to cut off; to lop off; to prune
れるkireru吹っれるふっきれるfukkireru】to break through (e.g. one's doubts); to burst (e.g. a boil)
れるきれるkireru】to break; to be injured; to wear out; to break; to wear off; to expire (time limit, etc.); to run out (of stock, etc.); to be broken off (e.g. of a relationship); to cut well; to be sharp-minded; to be short of; to dry off; to curve; to shuffle (cards); to get angry; to be able to do completely
売りれるうりきれるurikireru】to be sold out
kireれ込みきれこみkirekomi】cut; notch; incision
れ端きれはしkirehashi】scraps; cut end; cut-off piece
吹っれるふっきれるfukkireru】to break through (e.g. one's doubts); to burst (e.g. a boil)
Codepoints and classification codes:
32-58JIS X 0208
4772.0Four Corner
1445De Roo
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