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ショ/SHO/    はじ.め/    はじ.めて/haji.mete/    はつ/hatsu/    はつ-/hatsu-/    うい-/ui-/    -そ.める/-so.meru/    -ぞ.め/ショ/はじ.め/    haji.mete/はじ.めて/    hatsu/はつ/    hatsu-/はつ-/    ui-/うい-/    -so.meru/-そ.める/ぞ.め/

first time;  beginning Frenchpremière fois;  commencement Portugueseprimeiros tempos;  começo Spanishcomienzo;  primero

Radical: (knife).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: 衤刀.   Pinyin: chū.   Hangul:  [cho].   Nanori:  / はっshi / ha'.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ショSHOしょちょうshochō】first menstruation
しょしゅんshoshun】beginning of spring; first month of the lunar calendar
しょけんshoken】seeing for the first time; first sight
はじhajimeつきはじめtsukihajime】beginning of month
はじめhajime】beginning; first (in line, etc.); origin; such as ...
めにはじめにhajimeni】to begin with (used as an introduction); first of all; in the beginning
はじめてhajimeteめてはじめてhajimete】for the first time; only after ... is it ...
生まれてめてうまれてはじめてumaretehajimete】for the first time in one's life
病んで後めて健康の価値を知るやんでのちはじめてけんこうのかちをしるyandenochihajimetekenkōnokachiwoshiru】You don't appreciate the value of good health until you lose it
はつhatsu節供はつぜっくhatsuzekku】baby's first annual festival
はつものhatsumono】first of the season (e.g. produce, catch)
はつねhatsune】first warbling heard in a New Year
Codepoints and classification codes:
29-73JIS X 0208
3722.0Four Corner
645De Roo
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