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セイ/SEI/    ゼイ/ZEI/    いきお.い/ikio.i/    はずみ/hazumi/SEI/セイ/    ZEI/ゼイ/    ikio.i/いきお.い/    hazumi/はずみ/

forces;  energy;  military strength Frenchvigueur;  forces;  énergie;  puissance militaire Portugueseforças;  energia;  vigor militar Spanishfuerza;  poder;  influencia;  vigor

Radical: (power).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 土力丶儿九.   Pinyin: shì.   Hangul:  [se].   Nanori: se.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
セイSEIとうせいtōsei】upward trend
すうせいsūsei】tendency; trend
ごうせいgōsei】luxury; magnificence; extravagance
ゼイZEIたぜいtazei】great numbers; numerical superiority
ぶぜいbuzei】outnumbered; overwhelmed
ぐんぜいgunzei】military forces; hosts; troops
いきおikioiいきおいikioi】force; influence; impetus; naturally
い込むいきおいこむikioikomu】to brace oneself
いづくいきおいづくikioiduku】to gather strength; to take heart
はずみhazumiはずみhazumi】bounce; momentum; spur of the moment
Codepoints and classification codes:
32-10JIS X 0208
4542.7Four Corner
1445De Roo
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