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コウ//    む.く/mu.ku/    む.い/mu.i/    -む.き/    む.ける/mu.keru/    -む.け/    む.かう/mu.kau/    む.かい/mu.kai/    む.こう/mu.kō/    む.こう-/mu.kō-/    むこ/muko/    むか.い/muka.i/KOU/コウ/    mu.ku/む.く/    mu.i/む.い/む.き/    mu.keru/む.ける/む.け/    mu.kau/む.かう/    mu.kai/む.かい/    mu.kou/む.こう/    mu.kou-/む.こう-/    muko/むこ/    muka.i/むか.い/

yonder;  facing;  beyond;  confront;  defy;  tend toward;  approach Frenchse diriger vers;  direction;  en face;  de l'autre côté;  éloigné;  confronter;  défier;  approcher;  avoir tendance PortugueseAquele lá;  em frente;  além de;  confronta;  desafia;  tende para;  aproximação Spanishmirar hacia;  volverse;  hacer frente;  oponerse

Radical: (mouth).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: 口冂.   Pinyin: xiàng.   Hangul:  [hyang]  [sang].   Nanori: こお /  /  / むか / むかい / むこう / ta / na / muka / mukai / mukō.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
コウ学心こうがくしんkōgakushin】love of learning
えこうekō】Buddhist memorial service; prayers for the repose of the soul
しこうshikō】being orientated (towards); directional (e.g. microphone); -oriented
mukuうわむくuwamuku】to point upward; to improve
みむくmimuku】to look around; to look towards (us)
でむくdemuku】to go to; to proceed to; to leave for
mui北にいた窓きたにむいたまどkitanimuitamado】window to the north
いているむいているmuiteiru】to be cut out for (e.g. a job); to be suited (to)
けるmukeruけるしむけるshimukeru】to induce; to tempt; to treat; to act toward; to handle (men); to send; to forward to
けるむけるmukeru】to turn towards; to point
振りけるふりむけるfurimukeru】to turn (around); to appropriate
かうmukau立ちかうたちむかうtachimukau】to fight against; to oppose; to face
かうむかうmukau】to face; to go towards
かうはむかうhamukau】to strike back at; to bite back; to turn on; to rise against; to oppose; to defy
かいmukaiかい合うむかいあうmukaiau】to be opposite; to face each other
かい側むかいがわmukaigawa】opposite side; other side; other party
こうmukouこうむこうmukō】opposite side; over there; the other party; future (starting now)
こう側むこうがわmukōgawa】other side; opposite side; other party
こう岸むこうぎしmukōgishi】opposite bank; farther shore
むこmukoこう側むこうがわmukōgawa】other side; opposite side; other party
こう岸むこうぎしmukōgishi】opposite bank; farther shore
むかmukaiい合うむかいあうmukaiau】to be opposite; to face each other
い側むかいがわmukaigawa】opposite side; other side; other party
い風むかいかぜmukaikaze】head wind
Codepoints and classification codes:
24-94JIS X 0208
2722.0Four Corner
849De Roo
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