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/MI/    あじ/aji/    あじ.わう/aji.wau/MI//    aji/あじ/    aji.wau/あじ.わう/

flavor;  taste Frenchgoût;  saveur Portuguesesabor;  gosto Spanishsabor;  gusto;  experiencia

Radical: (mouth).   Strokes: 8画.   Elements: |口二ハ木亠.   Pinyin: wèi.   Hangul:  [mi].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
MIこうみkōmi】smell and taste; flavour; flavor
小気よいこきみよいkokimiyoi】delightful; satisfying; gratifying; brisk; piquant
付けるいみづけるimidukeru】to give meaning to
あじajiおおあじōaji】tasteless; dull (e.g. performance)
したあじshitāji】seasoning of food
しおあじshioaji】salty taste; saltiness
あじわうajiwauわうあじわうajiwau】to taste; to savor; to relish
Codepoints and classification codes:
44-3JIS X 0208
6509.0Four Corner
3764De Roo
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