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ヒン/HIN/    ホン/HON/    しな/shina/HIN/ヒン/    HON/ホン/    shina/しな/

goods;  refinement;  dignity;  article;  counter for meal courses Frenchmarchandise;  dignité;  raffinement;  article;  compteur de plats Portuguesebens;  refinamento;  dignidade;  artigo;  sufixo para contagem de para pratos de refeição Spanishproducto;  artículo;  bienes

Radical: (mouth).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: .   Pinyin: pǐn.   Hangul:  [pum].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
ヒンHIN練り製ねりせいひんneriseihin】boiled fish-paste products
既製きせいひんkiseihin】ready-made goods
革製かわせいひんkawaseihin】leather goods (products)
ホンHONくほんkuhon】nine levels of Amitabha's Pure Land; Amitabha's Pure Land; nine-tiered lotus leaf platform in Amitabha's Pure Land
浄土くほんじょうどkuhonjōdo】Amitabha's Pure Land (composed of nine levels)
蓮台くほんれんだいkuhonrendai】nine-tiered lotus leaf platform in Amitabha's Pure Land
しなshina定めしなさだめshinasadame】evaluation; criticism; commenting on; assessment; estimation
しなじなshinajina】various articles
しなかずshinakazu】variety of goods; number of articles
Codepoints and classification codes:
41-42JIS X 0208
6066.0Four Corner
3777De Roo
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