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public chamber;  hall Frenchédifice public;  temple;  salle;  hall;  grandiose (bâtiment) Portuguesecâmara pública;  corredor Spanishtemplo;  salón;  vestíbulo

Radical: (earth).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: 口⺌土冖.   Pinyin: táng.   Hangul:  [dang].

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N4.

Example compounds:
ドウ々巡りどうどうめぐりdōdōmeguri】going around in circles; circling a temple; roll-call vote
そうどうsōdō】temple meditation hall or certain other temple structures
Codepoints and classification codes:
38-18JIS X 0208
9010.4Four Corner
1072De Roo
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