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テイ/TEI/    ジョウ//    さだ.める/sada.meru/    さだ.まる/sada.maru/    さだ.か/sada.ka/TEI/テイ/    JOU/ジョウ/    sada.meru/さだ.める/    sada.maru/さだ.まる/    sada.ka/さだ.か/

determine;  fix;  establish;  decide Frenchdéterminé;  fixé;  établi;  décidé Portuguesedeterminar;  fixar;  estabelecer;  decidir Spanishdeterminar;  establecer;  decidir

Radical: (roof).   Strokes: 8画.   Elements: 疋宀.   Pinyin: dìng.   Hangul:  [jeong].   Nanori: さたsata.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
テイTEIこていひょうkoteihyō】solid (an assured, a safe) vote; solid (assured) support
ていほんteihon】revised edition (of a book or manuscript); final version of a book as edited by the author
ジョウじょうせきjōseki】one's habitual seat; regular hall; entertainment hall
じょうせきjōseki】established tactic; play by the book
ひょうじょうhyōjō】council; conference; consultation
さだめるsadameruめるみさだめるmisadameru】to make sure of; to ascertain; to confirm; to grasp
めるさだめるsadameru】to decide; to establish; to determine
思いめるおもいさだめるomoisadameru】to make up one's mind; to be determined
さだまるsadamaruまるさだまるsadamaru】to become settled; to be fixed
棺を蓋いて事まるかんをおおいてことさだまるkanwōoitekotosadamaru】a person's worth is assessed only when their coffin is sealed
さだsadakaさだかsadaka】definite; sure
Codepoints and classification codes:
36-74JIS X 0208
3080.1Four Corner
770De Roo
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