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ジン/JIN/    サン/SAN/    つ.くす/tsu.kusu/    -つ.くす/-tsu.kusu/    -づ.くし/-du.kushi/    -つ.く/-tsu.ku/    -づ.く/-du.ku/    -ず.く/-zu.ku/    つ.きる/tsu.kiru/    つ.かす/tsu.kasu/    さかづき/sakaduki/    ことごと.く/kotogoto.ku/    つか/tsuka/    つき/tsuki/JIN/ジン/    SAN/サン/    tsu.kusu/つ.くす/    -tsu.kusu/-つ.くす/    -du.kushi/-づ.くし/    -tsu.ku/-つ.く/    -du.ku/-づ.く/    -zu.ku/-ず.く/    tsu.kiru/つ.きる/    tsu.kasu/つ.かす/    sakaduki/さかづき/    kotogoto.ku/ことごと.く/    tsuka/つか/    tsuki/つき/

exhaust;  use up;  run out of;  deplete;  befriend;  serve Frenchépuiser;  arriver au bout;  être à court de;  être dégoûté;  prendre en amitié;  servir Portugueseacabar;  exaurir;  terminar;  faz amizade com;  servir (alguem) Spanishagotar;  acabar;  gastar;  cumplir;  esforzarse

Radical: (corpse).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: 尸丶.   Variants: 盡咳.   Pinyin: jǐn / jìn.   Hangul:  [jin].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ジンJINむじんぞうmujinzō】inexhaustible supply
縦横無じゅうおうむじんjūōmujin】freely; right and left; as one pleases
じんりょくjinryoku】efforts; assistance
サンSAN計算けいさんずくkeisanzuku】calculated; premeditated; considered
くすtsukusu立ちくすたちつくすtachitsukusu】to stand stock still
論じくすろんじつくすronjitsukusu】to deal exhaustively with
くすでつくすdetsukusu】to be all out; to exhaust
きるtsukiru燃えきるもえつきるmoetsukiru】to burn out
きるつきるtsukiru】to be used up; to be run out; to be exhausted; to be consumed; to come to an end
精がきるせいがつきるseigatsukiru】to be exhausted; one's energy is gone
かすtsukasuかすつかすtsukasu】to use completely; to exhaust somebody's civility
愛想をかすあいそをつかすaisowotsukasu】to be disgusted with; to run out of patience; to fall out of love
ことごとkotogotokuことごとくkotogotoku】altogether; entirely
Codepoints and classification codes:
31-52JIS X 0208
7730.3Four Corner
3740De Roo
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