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エン/EN/    の.びる/no.biru/    の.べる/no.beru/    の.べ/    の.ばす/no.basu/EN/エン/    no.biru/の.びる/    no.beru/の.べる/の.べ/    no.basu/の.ばす/

prolong;  stretching Frenchprolonger;  allonger;  étendre Portugueseprolongar;  esticar Spanishprolongar;  alargar;  aplazar;  posponer;  total;  alargado;  estirado;  ensanchar;  estirar

Radical: (long stride).   Strokes: 8/7画.   Elements: 一止廴.   Pinyin: yán.   Hangul:  [yeon].   Nanori: たか / のぶ / のべtaka / nobu / nobe.

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
エンENまんえんman'en】spread (e.g. of a disease); rampancy; infestation; proliferation
ねつえんnetsuen】hot rolling
雨天順うてんじゅんえんutenjun'en】rescheduled in case of rain
びるnobiru生きびるいきのびるikinobiru】to survive; to live long
びるのびるnobiru】to stretch; to make progress; to grow stale (soba); to be straightened; to be exhausted; to be postponed
逃げびるにげのびるnigenobiru】to make good one's escape; to escape to a safe place; to make one's getaway; to effect one's escape
べるnoberu繰りべるくりのべるkurinoberu】to postpone; to defer
差しべるさしのべるsashinoberu】to hold out; to thrust (javelin); to offer (e.g. aid, help, etc.)
べるのべるnoberu】to lay out (a futon); to postpone
nobe繰りべるくりのべるkurinoberu】to postpone; to defer
差しべるさしのべるsashinoberu】to hold out; to thrust (javelin); to offer (e.g. aid, help, etc.)
のべnobe】futures; credit (buying); stretching; total (preceding counter, unit, etc.)
ばすnobasu引きばすひきのばすhikinobasu】to stretch larger; to enlarge (photos); to delay (e.g. the end of a meeting)
ばすのばすnobasu】to grow long (beard, hair, etc.); to lengthen; to reach out; to straighten; to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.); to dilute; to postpone; to prolong; to strengthen
Codepoints and classification codes:
17-68JIS X 0208
1240.1Four Corner
3567De Roo
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