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イン/IN/    ひ.く/hi.ku/    ひ.き/    ひ.き-/    -び.き/    ひ.ける/hi.keru/IN/イン/    hi.ku/ひ.く/ひ.き/ひ.き-/び.き/    hi.keru/ひ.ける/

pull;  tug;  jerk;  admit;  install;  quote;  refer to Frenchtirer;  admettre;  installer;  citation;  référence;  jouer (musique);  attraper (froid) Portuguesepuxar;  rebocar;  sacudir;  permitir;  instalar;  citação;  referir-se Spanishtirar;  remolcar;  retroceder;  ser guiado;  arrastrar;  tocar (instrumento de cuerda)

Radical: (bow).   Strokes: 4画.   Elements: |弓.   Pinyin: yǐn.   Hangul:  [in].   Nanori: いな / ひき / ひけ / びきina / hiki / hike / biki.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
インINいんかinka】catching fire
いんどうindō】requiem; prayer for dead; dismissal
万有ばんゆういんりょくban'yūinryoku】universal gravitation
hikuひくhiku】to pull; to draw (attention, etc.); to draw back; to draw (a card); to draw (plan, line, etc.); to catch (cold); to play (string instr.); to look up (e.g. dictionary); to haul; to subtract; to ebb; to descend (from); to quote; to lay (a cable)
き金をひきがねをひくhikiganewohiku】to pull the trigger; to pull a trigger
く手あまたひくてあまたhikuteamata】being very popular; being in great demand
hikiき下がるひきさがるhikisagaru】to withdraw; to leave
き払うひきはらうhikiharau】to vacate; to move out
けるhikeruけるひけるhikeru】to close; to be over; to break up (e.g. school)
気がけるきがひけるkigahikeru】to feel awkward; to feel shy
腰がけるこしがひけるkoshigahikeru】to get cold feet; to back away; to withdraw
Codepoints and classification codes:
16-90JIS X 0208
1220.0Four Corner
3554De Roo
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