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/GO/    コウ//    のち/nochi/    うし.ろ/    うしろ/ushiro/    あと/ato/    おく.れる/oku.reru/GO//    KOU/コウ/    nochi/のち/うし.ろ/    ushiro/うしろ/    ato/あと/    oku.reru/おく.れる/

behind;  back;  later Frenchaprès;  derrière;  plus tard Portugueseatrás;  costas;  mais tarde Spanishdespués;  atrás;  detrás;  retrasarse

Radical: (step).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 夂幺彳.   Pinyin: hòu.   Hangul:  [hu].   Nanori: こし /  / しい / しりkoshi / shi / shii / shiri.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
GO生大事ごしょうだいじgoshōdaiji】with religious zeal; with utmost devotion; take great care of
コウこうだいkōdai】posterity; future generations
さいこうれつsaikōretsu】(very) back (last) row; rearmost row
半生こうはんせいkōhansei】latter half of one's life
のちnochiのちnochi】later; future; after one's death; descendant
のちほどnochihodo】later on; eventually; afterwards
はれのちあめharenochiame】clear then rain
うしushiroろ髪うしろがみushirogami】hair on the back of one's head
ろ指うしろゆびushiroyubi】being talked about or backbitten
ろめたいうしろめたいushirometai】feeling guilty; with a guilty conscience
うしろushiroろ髪うしろがみushirogami】hair on the back of one's head
ろ指うしろゆびushiroyubi】being talked about or backbitten
あとato払いあとばらいatobarai】deferred payment
退りあとずさりatozusari】stepping back; drawing back
の祭りあとのまつりatonomatsuri】Too late!
おくれるokureru立ちれるたちおくれるtachiokureru】to start slowly; to lag behind
れるおくれるokureru】to be late; to be delayed; to fall behind schedule; to be overdue
死にれるしにおくれるshiniokureru】to outlive
Codepoints and classification codes:
24-69JIS X 0208
2224.7Four Corner
2067De Roo
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