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セン/SEN/    いくさ/ikusa/    たたか.う/tataka.u/    おのの.く/onono.ku/    そよ.ぐ/    わなな.く/wanana.ku/SEN/セン/    ikusa/いくさ/    tataka.u/たたか.う/    onono.ku/おのの.く/そよ.ぐ/    wanana.ku/わなな.く/

war;  battle;  match Frenchguerre;  bataille;  match Portugueseguerra;  batalha;  disputa Spanishguerra;  batalla;  lucha;  pelear;  batallar;  combatir;  luchar

Radical: (halberd).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 十⺌田戈.   Pinyin: zhàn.   Hangul:  [jeon].   Nanori: se.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
センSENりくせんrikusen】land war
神経しんけいせんshinkeisen】war of nerves
せんりつsenritsu】shudder; shiver; tremble with fear; horrible; terrible; hair-raising
いくさikusaいくさikusa】war; troops
負けまけいくさmakeikusa】lost battle
腹が減ってはは出来ぬはらがへってはいくさはできぬharagahettehaikusahadekinu】an army marches on its stomach; you can't fight on an empty stomach
たたかtatakauたたかうtatakau】to fight; to battle; to combat; to struggle against; to wage war; to engage in contest
争いあらそいたたかうarasoitatakau】to fight with; to contend with
死ぬ迄しぬまでたたかうshinumadetatakau】to fight to the last (death)
おののononoku恐れおそれおののくosoreononoku】to tremble with fear
おののくononoku】to shake (from fear, cold, excitement, etc.); to shudder; to tremble
そよsoyoguそよぐsoyogu】to rustle; to stir; to flutter
わななwananakuわななくwananaku】to tremble; to shiver
Codepoints and classification codes:
32-79JIS X 0208
3355.0Four Corner
959De Roo
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