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シン/SHIN/    ふ.る/    ぶ.る/    ふ.り/fu.ri/    -ぶ.り/-bu.ri/    ふ.るう/fu.rū/SHIN/シン/ふ.る/ぶ.る/    fu.ri/ふ.り/    -bu.ri/-ぶ.り/    fu.ruu/ふ.るう/

shake;  wave;  wag;  swing Frenchsecouer;  saupoudrer;  remuer;  balancer;  feindre Portugueseagitar;  onda;  sacudir;  balançar Spanishsacudir;  ondear;  agitar;  vibrar;  balancear

Radical: (hand).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 衣辰厂扌.   Pinyin: zhèn.   Hangul:  [jin].   Nanori: ふりfuri.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
シンSHINしんぷくshinpuku】amplitude (of vibration); swing of pendulum
しんどうshindō】oscillation; vibration
奪三だつさんしんdatsusanshin】striking a batter out
furu立ち居る舞いたちいふるまいtachiifurumai】movements; behavior; behaviour; bearing; deportment; manners; demeanor
buru大盤る舞いおおばんぶるまいōbanburumai】lavish feast; corporate largess
体裁ていさいぶるteisaiburu】to put on airs
furiり分けるふりわけるfuriwakeru】to divide in two; to apportion
り落とすふりおとすfuriotosu】to shake off; to throw off
り出すふりだすfuridasu】to shake and give; to start shaking; to shake out; to write (draw on) a check (cheque)
るうfuruu勢いをるういきおいをふるうikioiwofurū】to wield power; to exercise authority
威をるういをふるうiwofurū】to exercise authority
腕をるううでをふるうudewofurū】to exercise one's talent; to display one's ability
Codepoints and classification codes:
31-22JIS X 0208
5103.2Four Corner
1365De Roo
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