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カイ/KAI/    ケイ/KEI/    か.ける/ka.keru/    -か.ける/-ka.keru/    か.け/    -か.け/    -が.け/    か.かる/ka.karu/    -か.かる/-ka.karu/    -が.かる/-ga.karu/    か.かり/ka.kari/    -が.かり/-ga.kari/    かかり/kakari/    -がかり/-gakari/KAI/カイ/    KEI/ケイ/    ka.keru/か.ける/    -ka.keru/-か.ける/か.け/か.け/が.け/    ka.karu/か.かる/    -ka.karu/-か.かる/    -ga.karu/-が.かる/    ka.kari/か.かり/    -ga.kari/-が.かり/    kakari/かかり/    -gakari/-がかり/

hang;  suspend;  depend;  arrive at;  tax;  pour Frenchaccrocher;  suspendre;  dépendre;  arriver à;  taxe;  verser Portuguesependurar;  suspender;  depender;  chegar;  imposto Spanishcolgar;  suspender;  enganchar;  depender

Radical: (hand).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: 土卜扌.   Pinyin: guà.   Hangul:  [gwae].   Nanori: かけkake.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
けるkakeru押しけるおしかけるoshikakeru】to intrude on
問いけるといかけるtoikakeru】to ask a question; to begin to ask a question
詰めけるつめかけるtsumekakeru】to crowd (a house); to throng to (a door)
kakeけ値かけねkakene】inflated price (assigned in anticipation of being haggled down); exaggeration
めかけmekake】mistress; kept woman; concubine
あしかけashikake】leg trip (in sumo, judo, etc.); foothold; nearly (used to estimate a period of time by rounding up incomplete units)
かるkakaruかるかかるkakaru】to take (a resource, e.g. time or money); to hang; to come into view; to come under (a contract, a tax); to start (engines, motors); to attend; to have started to; to overlap (e.g. information in a manual); to (come) at; to be fastened; to be covered (e.g. with dust, a table-cloth, etc.); to be caught in; to get a call; to depend on
取りかるとりかかるtorikakaru】to begin; to set about; to start
かりkakariかりかかりkakari】starting; expenses; attack (esp. a corner approach in the game of go); barb; charge
かり合うかかりあうkakariau】to have dealings with; to be involved in
かかりkakariかかりちょうkakarichō】chief clerk
Codepoints and classification codes:
19-61JIS X 0208
5300.0Four Corner
1354De Roo
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